Earthing Solutions

If you’re looking for a local Darwin company that specialises in Earthing Solutions, then Delta Electrics is your Power Solution.

At Delta Electrics we pride ourselves on offering a first class service that will assist you in purchasing the correct Earthing Solution for your needs.  If you’re looking for peace of mind from a reliable and high quality Earthing Solution that is supported and maintained locally then look no further than here.

Providing safe and effective Earthing Solutions is essential in any modern facility for three key reasons:

  • Protection of people that work within the facility
  • Protection of equipment to minimise down-time, service interruptions and replacement costs
  • Ensure electrical noise reduction which minimises voltage potentials between interconnected equipment

The installation of an effective earthing solution for your facility requires expertise in design and in-depth knowledge about the many variables that can impact the efficiency, performance and durability of any earthing system. The consequences of a badly designed and installed earthing system not only poses dangers to the safety of site personnel and equipment, but it can be a very expensive process to fix especially if major modifications or replacements of the system are required after the construction phase of a building is complete.

Delta Electrics, in cooperation with our partners Lightning Protection International, can design an earthing system that will deliver an effective and durable solution and help protect your people and your business assets. We offer an expert design consultancy to make sure we get the design right from the start and supply a complete range of equipment for critical earthing applications such as Lightning Protection, Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission, Telecommunications and Reduction of Static Electricity.

Lightning Protection International supplier Darwin NT

Lightning Protection International

Our comprehensive range of earthing products includes:

  • Earth rods and mechanical clamps
  • Earth plates
  • Conductors
  • Exoweld Exothermic connections
  • Earth bars and disconnect links
  • Earth pits
  • Earth enhancing compounds

Lightning Protection International website

We are here to help, so if you would like to talk to us about Earthing Solutions, please call 1800 670 087 or send us an online enquiry to discuss your needs