Lightning and Surge Protection

If you’re looking for a local Darwin company that specialises in Lightning and Surge Protection, then Delta Electrics is your Power Solution.

At Delta Electrics we pride ourselves on offering a first class service that will assist you in purchasing the correct Lightning and Surge Protection for your needs. If you’re looking for peace of mind from a reliable and high quality Lightning and Surge Protection solution that is supported and maintained locally then look no further than here.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so please have a look towards the bottom of this page to see some photos and descriptions of Lightning and Surge Protection sold by Delta.

Power surges, black-outs and lightning strikes are a common event, especially in northern Australia. Darwin, the 'Storm Capital of the Top End', is subjected to fierce storms and the subsequently power disruptions can occur frequently.

Sensitive (and expensive) electronic and communications equipment is particularly prone to damage from power surges or lightning strikes. A direct lightning strike can wipe out a building's electronics in a micro-second.
Lightning and Surge protection devices should be regarded as an essential part of every organisation's asset protection and risk management strategies. Delivering the right solution for your particular situation requires expert advice, helping ensure that your organisation's sensitive equipment is "always on and always available" allowing you to keep operating.

Delta Electrics are the recognised experts in Lightning and Surge Protection solutions for the Northern Territory. We design, supply, install and maintain a wide range of technologies from leading brands such as Lightning Protection International (LPI) and Eaton.

Eaton supplier Darwin NT


Delta Electrics can combine a well-designed Lightning Protection System with surge protection solutions provided by Eaton to give your premises comprehensive and effective protection against the potential problems and damage that can arise from Lightning strikes.

Eaton website

Lightning Protection International supplier Darwin NT

Lightning Protection International

A  lot of people refer to a direct strike lightning protection system as a dynasphere lightning protection system, but did you know the dynasphere system is actually a brand name!   As an example our LPI equivalent product is  branded Guardian. 

LPI offer a range of conventional and non-conventional lightning protection solutions and works closely with Delta Electrics to design a system that best meets your needs. A comprehensive approach to lightning protection system design includes:

  • Definition and provision of the area to be protected
  • Creation of a bonded earthing system
  • Protection of power lines
  • Protection of signal, data and communication lines

Lightning Protection International website

Recent installations

  • Stars Project Lightning Protection
  • Quest Apartments Palmerston, Darwin
  • Lightning Protection system for Halikos Group building

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