Medium and High Voltage (MV/HV) Power Distribution

Delta Electrics are experienced across a wide range of technologies and components in Medium and High Voltage applications including switchgear, power transmission equipment, protection relays, circuit breakers, surge arrestors, insulators, monitoring systems, sub-stations and control systems.

Delta Electrics has been working closely with Siemens LTD in the Northern Territory since 2004.  Siemens are world leaders in the design and manufacture of medium and high voltage power distribution equipment.  They manufacture an extensive range of Medium and High Voltage equipment.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so please have a look towards the bottom of this page to see some photos and descriptions of MV products sold by Delta.

Medium Voltage (MV) Range

The Siemens medium voltage range includes air insulated switchgear systems for primary distribution and motor control applications, gas insulated switchgear systems for all primary and secondary applications, and medium voltage components for indoor and outdoor applications, up to 33kV. The Siemens range of MV products includes:

  • Air Insulated Switchboards
  • Gas Insulated Switchboards (GIS)
  • Ring Main Units (RMU)
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Circuit Breakers

High Voltage (HV) Range

Reliable high voltage equipment is paramount for ensuring system availability. Reliability, flexibility
and quality are key attributes of the Siemens high voltage range. Siemens experience in high
voltage technology spans decades, with the design and production of their products setting
international standards.
The use of common parts and assembled units in a variety of Siemens breakers such as live-tank, dead-tank, and gas insulated switchgear, means the production of the same main components in large quantities. Steady and regular quantities of produced units allow a continuous production process, and are subject to the highest quality standards.
The Siemens range of high voltage products includes:

  • Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) - 72.5kV up to 800kV, for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its compact design allows their use in the most confined spaces, whether in the basement of a high-rise building, or in a department store, industrial plant or mobile container.
  • Circuit Breakers - 72.5kV up to 550kV, available in both Live Tank and Dead Tank configurations.  These high voltage circuit breakers offer the optimum technical and economical solution for every requirement.
  • Surge Arresters - Porcelain, polymer and GIS arresters up to 800kV. Siemens modern Metal Oxide Surge Arresters offer complete protection against over-voltages.  In addition, they offer a failure rate of almost 0% and a lifetime of more than 20 years.
  • Disconnectors - 72.5kV up to 550kV, available in a variety of designs for dis-connectors and earth switches, including double break, centre break and pantograph configurations. Quick to install, with extended maintenance periods, they offer the optimal economical solution.
  • Instrument Transformers - This technology comprises paper/oil insulated and SF6 insulated current and voltage transformers, combined transformers and capacitor voltage transformers from 72.5kV up to 800kV. Siemens SF6 gas insulation and composite insulator technology offers "explosion proof" features as well as reduced washing requirements and excellent performance under polluted conditions.

Past projects

Delta Electrics has extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of power distribution systems for Medium and High Voltage applications.  We have completed numerous projects for major companies and organisations operating in the Northern Territory such as:

  • Power and Water Corporation
  • Territory Generation
  • Commercial Builders and Developers
  • NT Department of Health
  • Australian Department of Defence

We are here to help, so if you would like to talk to us about Medium and High Voltage (MV/HV) Power Distribution, please call 1800 670 087 or send us an online enquiry to discuss your needs